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Ski and snowboard schools

  • Ski lessons and snowboard vallter 2000

    Vallter 2000 guarantees the quality of the services through a series of requirements that define the station itself and must pass each ski school. Schools offer a wide range of courses to suit the needs of each student: ski lessons, snowboard and ski, private or group courses, snowshoeing,... all in the hands of true professionals on winter sports who can make the most throughout the season.
    In Vallter 2000 are located two ski schools, mountain ski and snowboard. The schools in Vallter 2000 offer the possibility to do ski and snowboard lessons for all levels from 3 years old. In addition, instructors are professionals, graduates and sports technicians official offer professional service to learn or improve skiing and snowboarding.
    Types of classes offered in schools vallter 2000:
    Private lessons of ski or snowboard of 1 hour or more. They are for adults and children.
    Group lessons ski or snowboard from 2 hours with a minimum of 6 members of the same level of skiing or snowboarding.
    Top Class 4 hours (10am to 14pm) with a monitor for families, groups of friends, etc. The activity seeks to work the technique personalized for every need of skier and includes footage.
    Free Ride Camps is an activity of 4 hours (9:30 to 13:30) to skiers with a high level that combines alpine skiing and techniques of ascent mountain ski to achieve find the best off-piste descents. They use the ski station and skins for the latest approaches. The activity includes a workshop and safety nivology before starting the activity, Nord Sud will provide the technical equipment for the activity.

    Master Class aimed at intermediate level skiers to improve technique with a national coach with video correction. Groups minimum of 3 and maximum of 6 people.

    Finally, note that we also offer ski and snowboard courses during weekends or special dates (Christmas, Saturday or Sunday of each month and Easter).
    The schedule of ski schools are from 9 am to 17h. Advance booking is required for any of the activities above.
    Come and visit us and enjoy the skiing and snowboarding as ever!

  • Ski and snowboard tuition rates 17-18

    From 9.00 am to 5.00 pm

    *It is needed to reserve previously

    Kind of class
    Particular class for 1 person
    Particular class for 2 persons
    Particular class for 3 persons
    Particular class for 4 persons
    Particular class for 5 persons
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