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  • 1. Resort localization and how to get there

    Vallter 2000 resort is located in El Ripollès region, in Setcases. It is accessible by public transport (TEISA Bus). You will find detailed information about the routes by private vehicle and public transport, as well as maps of the localization and further information at location.

  • 2. Which are the resort and customer service offices opening hours?

    Vallter 2000 opens its ski resorts to the public at 9.00 am and closes them at 16.45 pm. For further information, consult the resort opening hours.

  • 3. Is there a Lost and Found Office?

    To deposit or ask for lost objects in Vallter 2000, you are requested to address the resort Central Offices, at the foot of the slopes - at 2000m. For other questions, you can contact the Customer Service phone +34 972 136 057 or send an e-mail to info@vallter2000.cat

  • 4. Where are the central offices?

    Vallter 2000 central offices are located at the foot of the slopes; at 2000m.

  • 5. Can the resort be accessed by public transport?

    Vallter 2000 ski resort can be accessed by public transport (TEISA Bus) on Saturday and Sunday. You will find more detailed information at transport to the slopes.

  • 6. Where can I buy a Vallter 2000 ski pass?

    Vallter 2000 ski pass can be acquired at the resort box offices, located at the foot of the slopes, and at the online shop. The purchase of the Vallter pass will entitle 10% discount to the contracting of complementary services to the station

  • 7. Is there an exclusive ski pass for beginners?

    No, there is not an exclusive ski pass for beginners because Vallter 2000 is a small ski resort. Nevertheless, the day ski pass is very affordable (€ 27.00).

  • 8. Is there a specific pass for freestyle areas?

    No, there is not a specific pass for freestyle areas because with the day ski pass you have access to these areas.

  • 9. From what time the half day ski pass is valid?

    The half time ski pass is valid from 1 pm and 2 pm. It can be acquired at the box office in the resort from 12.45 pm and 1.45 pm on.

  • 10. Where can I buy and pick up the ski pass?

    The Atotaneu ski passes can be picked up at any of the FGC Group resorts or at the FGC shop in Pelai street, in “El Triangle" building in Barcelona. In cas of Vallter 2000, clients can pick up their season ski pass at the Central Offices, at the at the building located at the foot of the slopes.

  • 11. Does the season ski pass give access to the summer activities?

    With the current season pass of Vallter 2000 you can enjoy a free trip with the panoramic chairlift Jordi Pujol to Marmotes 2535m

  • 12. What to do in case of an accident on the slopes?

    In case of an accident, remember to signpost the location by sticking the skis crossed on the snow and alert the slopes service at the nearest lift. If you are the injured person, it is important to protect yourself and keep warm. For further information, please consult safety advice.

  • 13. What does the ski accident insurance cover?

    You can consult all coverage included in the insurance sold at the resort box offices at the following link:https://www.turismefgc.cat/polissa-asseguranca-accidents-esqui/

  • 14. Where are located the areas for beginners?

    The areas for debutants of Vallter 2000 are mainly located in the area of ​​the Morens plain. You can see more information on the track map.

  • 15. Which is the most recommended area for families?

    Vallter 2000 ski resort is designed for all people. it offers different kinds of slopes, according to each skiers' needs and skills. At the office and service area, where are the first ski lifts, there is the Playpark with the sledging slopes and the Kindergarten. In this area users can also find the green slopes to ski with the family.

  • 16. Is it compulsory the use of helmet on the slopes?

    The use of helmet is not compulsory, but highly recommended for adults and, above all, for children, as it has been proved that it reduces significantly the possibility to be seriously injured to the skull due to an impact or accident while practicing winter sports.

  • 17. Where is the information office for activities?

    To book or get informed on the activities, you have to address the central office at the building located at the foot of the slopes.

  • 18. Which activities can be made in family with young children?

    The ideal activities to be made with your family or young children are, apart from the ski practice itself, downhill sledding... You can consult the most suitable ones by using the filter on the specific activities section of the website.

  • 19. My first day in Vallter 2000

    a) How to get to Vallter 2000
    Vallter 2000 resort is located in Ripollès region, in Setcases. It is a resort accessible by public transport (TEISA Bus). You will find detailed information on the routes by public and private transport as well as localization maps and other information at location.

    b) Ski pass purchase
    You can buy Vallter 2000 ski pass at the box office of the resort, at the food of the slopes.

    c) Equipment rental
    Near the parking, which is in the central office, you will finde the equipment rental office where you can rent all you need concerning hard equipment (skis and snowboard) and helmets.

    d) Contracting ski lessons
    There are currently 2 ski schools in Vallter 2000: one ski and snowboard school and one ski mountaineering school. You will find further information at schools services.

    e) To be taken into account
    We recommend Vallter 2000 visitors to take into account bringing warm clothing adapted to meteorological conditions (taking into account that on high mountains the weather is changeable), the use of sunglasses and sunscreen for the skin. As for driving, they must bring snow chains or wheel covers (if possible with contact wheels) to minimize the risks derived from driving on mountain roads with potential ice danger.

  • 20. Can I park my caravan in Vallter 2000?

    Yes, there is an area for parking motorhomes at the first parking 1900m. Moreover, you can also park your caravan in the 4th sector parking area, where there are 14 parking spaces for this kind of vehicles.

  • 21. General conditions applicable to reservations


    FGC group Booking Offices
    Pça de la estación, s / n
    17534 Ribes de Freser
    Tf: 932 041 041
    Mail: reserves@turismefgc.cat


    General Booking and Cancellation Terms

    The fact of acquiring - or taking part - of a reservation through the websites of the FGC group implies the express acceptance by the consumer of each and every one of the General Conditions, which are considered automatically incorporated to the contract without its individual written transcript being necessary.


    1. Formalization of reservations and / or budget requests:
    Reservations and / or budget requests can be made through the web or by phone at 932 041 041 or by email at reservations@turismefgc.cat.


    2. Method of payment:
    No booking is not considered confirmed until it is paid 100% before entry to external accommodation and 40% by way of advance payment at the accommodation of Hotel Port Ainé 2000, hostel Les Estades and Hotel Vall de Núria. It can be done by credit card or bank transfer to the account IBAN ES40 2100 5000 5002 0004 4647. The rest of the payment will be made at the start.


    3. Delivery of documentation and Reception Service:
    The documentation that accredits the purchase is the email of confirmation of purchase and the bonds, as long as the payment of 100% of the total amount of reserved services has been made previously (40% in the accommodation of the Hotel Port Ainé 2000, Hostel Las Estades and Hotel Vall de Núria). Otherwise, the reservation is canceled and the conditions established in the section regarding annulments will apply.

    It is mandatory to deliver the confirmation email / bonus upon arrival at the accommodation or the first service you have hired.


    4. Reimbursement:
    The client can give up the services contracted with the right to reimbursement of the payments made taking into account the conditions established in the section regarding the annulments. No refund will be made for contracted services that the client voluntarily did not use.


    5. Benefits included in the prices:
    As a general rule, a strict literal criterion must be followed. Therefore, everything not specifically detailed as included in the confirmation email will be included - a good reservation sent to the client. The prices of the FGC group websites include VAT. It does not include any type of insurance, nor drinks in any type of regime included in the price, nor the Tourist Tax of the accommodations, which are settled at the check in of any accommodation establishment.


    6. Cancellations:
    6.1. At all times, the client can give up the services requested or contracted with the right to repay the amounts that he has paid, whether it is the total price or the deposit previously provided.
    If the client cancels the reservation of accommodation, the percentage of the total price detailed below must be paid in the form of penalty:

    - Between 15 and 10 days 5%
    - Between 10 and 3 days, 15%
    - Within 48 hours before 25% The non-presentation, without having informed the cancellation, will mean the total loss of the advance amount.

    If the customer cancels the reservation of services or activities per day, the percentage of the total price detailed below must be paid as penalty:

    - Cancellation within the previous 48 hours or non-presentation without having notified the cancellation, is 100% of the reservation


    7. Responsibilities:
    FGC must respond to the consumer for its obligations to comply with the different services of the programs contracted through our website. When defects are attributable to the consumer, to the sales agency or to the establishment, the responsibility described in the previous paragraph is not appropriate. FGC reserves the right to modify or suspend scheduled activities if for security reasons, according to the FGC criteria, it is necessary or if for any other reason it is not possible to carry it out. In the event that the consumer considers in situ the non-execution or the bad execution of contracted services integrated in the stay, he must immediately notify the provider of said services and, within 48 hours of business, FGC, for such that the appropriate measures are taken. The non-communication to FGC implies that it is the consumer who must prove non-compliance with the execution of the contract before the Organization or the General Directorate of Tourism and / or pertinent court, since after this period FGC would be It is impossible to verify the veracity of the allegation, as well as the achievement of a satisfactory solution for all the parties involved.


    8. Special conditions for children:
    Due to the diversity of treatment applicable to children, depending on age, type of establishment, type of service, dates of stay, it is recommended to check the conditions of each establishment and service.


    10. Acceptance of the conditions:
    Acquiring one of our programs implies the acceptance by the consumer of these General Conditions.


    11. Company

    The organizing and commercializing company of trips and tourist packages is RAILWAYS OF THE GENERALITAT OF CATALUNYA, with Tax Identification Number Q0801576J and with tax address at Cardinal Sentmenat 4, 08017 Barcelona acting as a Travel Agency GCMD - 0000288


    12. Protection of personal data

    In accordance with the provisions of the "Organic Law 15/1999 on the protection of personal data", the client / holder is informed and authorizes the "registration and processing of their personal data" in automated files that are the responsibility of FGC .

    The owner may freely exercise the rights of opposition, access, rectification and cancellation of their data and revoke their authorization in accordance with the legally established procedure. These rights may be exercised by writing to the department responsible for the automated file: FERROCARILS DE LA GENERALITAT DE CATALUNYA, ref. LOPD c / CardEnal Sentmenat 4, 08017 - Barcelona or in the telephone number: 93 366 30 00 indicating "Attention to Personal Data"

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